The BARBÉ family has been producing honeywine in Merdrignac in the Côtes d’Armor since 1921. Jean, Paul and now Gilles continue the tradition of this drink called « Chamillard » in the Landes du Mené.

Making a fine chouchenn is a delicate art where each ingredient has a great importance. We need spring water of high purity and to choose honey that will give its typical characteristics to the drink: chestnut, bramble, lime tree, white clover, but especially buckwheat.  This last one, with its very particular taste gives its originality to the chouchenn produced in Brittany.

Six months of fermentation and ageing for a year in oak barrel will be needed before bottling. With its 13,5°, the Chamillard is an aperitif drink to be drunk fresh, between 6 and 8°c.

The Chamillard is ageing very well, 15 years of age are not frightenning him.  With time, it acquires roudness and a beautiful amber color . Accompying very well many dishes, it is great with melon, desserts and  is part of many recipes of the best chefs of Brittany.  

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